Friday, January 27, 2012


No... not yet. When you routinely list 250 items or more it might be worth it. Until then take advantage of eBay's 50 free auctions with Buy it now each month and use eBay's listing catalog as often as possible for 5 cent 30 day listings. Try to become a Top Rated Seller as soon as possible for a discount of 20% on fees. This rating will also increase the customer"confidence in your service. They will be willing to buy your items even though yours might be the most expensive.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Yesterday as my wife and I were grocery shopping we noticed a local bookstore having a going out of business sale. This was a rare event. We were able to buy a car load of great books for next to nothing. This is how we get most of our inventory. You find a lot at one time and then nothing for a while. When I first started I was afraid to spend hundreds of dollars at one time. I thought my inventory would soon overwhelm my house and the product would not move fast enough. ALWAYS buy good items when you can. There are times of plenty and times of famine. I have regretted passing up items that I had 10 of at home but after the 10 were gone I always wish I had more.