Friday, February 3, 2012


Buy it Now will always get you more profit. Auctions will sell an item fast but unless your item is extremely hot (Superbowl tickets, an autograph of a recently deceased celebrity , a hot toy in short supply , an extremely rare collectible). Decide which one to use by how much inventory you are able to acquire. If you do not find good items very often then only use Buy it Now and let it sit until you get the price you want. If you buy items quickly in bulk at estate sales or storage auctions ect.. then you will need to move items faster and auctions will be the better option especially if you have limited storage space.


Have you ever sold something that really surprised you. There is a buyer for almost everything. Have you ever sold something that by far exceeded your expected sell price? Have you ever bought something that others might think strange? Sometimes I just browse eBay looking at all the unique items that no one would ever buy. The thing is some of these items actually have bids. Isn't American diversity wonderful....

Thursday, February 2, 2012


A buyer wants to feel safe and well cared for during the buying experience. This will increase their confidence in you and promote repeat business. Answer all questions about your item immediately. If you answer within 15 minutes you can almost guarantee a sale. If you wait too long your customer might loose interest. Always contact your buyer after the auction ends thanking them for their purchase. Make sure they are aware of shipping fees, their total bill, and a reasonable due ate for payment. Tell them when you ship the item with an expected delivery date. Don't forget to leave feedback immediately after payment is made. Follow up with them and make sure they got their item.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


You might think that free shipping would matter to buyers but surprisingly it does not! Most bidders view shipping as a separate expense. If you think people will bid more on your item because of free shipping - you are wrong. You would do well to have an accurate shipping cost and a reasonable asking price for your item. I have raised the asking price to include the shipping in the product price and have had little success. Then I changed these same auctions with shipping as a separate fee. Some people just do not pay attention to shipping as long as the item price is good. The only time I offer semi free shipping is when the item will cost $50 or more to ship. I include $25 in the item price and only charge $25 as the shipping fee. This seems to work better than a huge $50 shipping fee.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I have another blog where I express my views on life at
I have been thinking lately how ethics fits in with an Ebay business. Is there anything that you would absolutely would not sell to another person no matter what the price. Are there things that are better thrown away. Today I had a chance to get a lot of free books on religious philosophies that I strongly disagree with. They were actually valuable books. I passed on them. In the past I have sold books that I disagree with but these were stronger than usual. I do include a pamphlet on God , Jesus , the Christian faith with every item I sell. When I sold a copy of the Egyptian book of the dead the buyer was presented with a tract as well. Does this justify selling a bad book? Feel free to comment......