Wednesday, January 4, 2012


While you are getting started you need to stick with items that you can get for free or very very cheap. You might start with items you already have that you no longer want. When I was a teenager and Ebay was brand new I sold my baseball card and autograph collection on EBAY. I was very attached to this collection and it was very difficult to sell but I needed a car more than cards. I had collected for 10 years and had 300,000 cards and 3,000 autographed items. As I began to sell it was very painful at first but gradually a very helpful thing began to happen. I stopped viewing my collection as something to be cherished and began to see it as money. This is what you need to do before starting your business. When you find items to sell , you must see them as money and not as something to keep. That is why it is probably helpful to sell things that you already have at first. You won't make a profit on these items but the psychological effect has a great value when you begin to sell for profit. I made about $10,000 off my collection ( I probably spent that much on it over the years) but it cured me from being a collector or a consumer and made me a seller - a businessman.

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