Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I will be giving advice on how to start an EBAY business. I will share my mistakes and the secrets that I have learned along the way. I started selling 2 years ago and if I knew then the things that I know now I could have made more money and avoided many mistakes. This is what I hope to help you with. I like to see people succeed in life. I want everyone to do well for themselves and I hope to be a help to you. I will offer realistic advice and realistic expectations. My first year I only made $100 to $300 profit a month. My second year I have made between $400 and $2000 profit each month just by selling items that I can find in my spare time. As my business grows I hope you will be inspired to give this a try as well. I still work a full time job 50 hours a week and I have a family. Selling on EBAY can make extra even in your spare time. I will be updating this blog at least a couple times a week with very helpful advice. Please check in often.

Ken Archbold

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