Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Getting Started

I will be giving a history of how my EBAY business has developed  and how it continues to grow. I will share my mistakes so you can avoid them and also let you in on the secrets I have learned along the way. I have been selling for profit for 2 years. It started as a dream and has finally started making real money. I offer realistic advice for those getting started. I will not tell you to quit your job and you will not make millions, but you can make extra money to help pay the bills and  have extra spending money. I hope one day to be able to EBAY full time but all businesses need time to grow. If you invest the time and you enjoy what you are doing you will make money. It is not difficult.

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  1. hi, Ken,
    i have opened my ebay account today. I listed few of my college books. I did put the price i wanted to sell them for as well as bids. Tonight i checked one of my books and someone took off or erazed my asking price of $15 and placed a bid for 99 cents. Where did my price go? How the people will now know that i want to sell the book for $15. Can someone do that? Can you please reply. What should i do? Relist my book? my email ebay name is melanie_og.Thank you very much