Sunday, January 8, 2012


Be aware of what you see every day in your normal routine. At my regular job I count large amounts of money each day. I look for silver coins in the change and other old coins . I also have found lots of unique dollar bills with collectible serial numbers. If the serial number reads the same forward and backward such as 1100660011 it can sell for 20 - 30 dollars. I have found coin errors and paper money errors.
My wife works at a library and there is a library next to the company that I work at. We check the books for sale section every day for great bargains. I pass thrift stores and garage sales on the way to work and stop at these. We have found numerous retail locations that have large clearance sections. Once a week we drive to 15 stores to replenish our inventory.
Don't go out of your way for items just open your eyes to what you see every day!

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