Tuesday, January 10, 2012


If you are just getting started on Ebay use this time to experiment with pricing. Test what little product you have and see just how high you can price it and get a sale. While you are building your inventory there is no need to sell off slow items. Only when your storage are is filling up do you need to worry about moving product.Use only buy it now format and also remember to use Ebays listing catalog. If your item is in their catalog , it will only cost you 5 cents a month to list.You could list your item for a year and still pay less than a dollar in listing fees!You can also use the free auctions Ebay offers.Just remember to make you start bidding at the high sell price - all you need is one bid. By the end of this year you will have a firm grasp on pricing. Your inventory will slowly sell down over the year and you will find many great items this year.You don't have to sell them yet. Make sure you get top dollar, once your item has sold you cannot sell it again - it is gone. This year I had on average $100 in sales a week (not profit - just sales). In November and December I had $100 in sales each day for 57 days in a row. The Christmas rush is the time you need to save your inventory for! Every item that sold made top dollar!

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