Wednesday, February 8, 2012


The subtitle to this site is not tongue in cheek. This really is my purpose. I want to help people get back on their feet. I want the abuse of welfare programs to stop. There are many ways to work for your money. Here I have offered a step by step plan to stop living on other people's hard work. It used to be embarrassing to live on charity as it should be. Don't even start telling me about crippled grandma with no friends or family. I feel true compassion for her and have no problem helping her. I am talking about the 20 somethings with 3 kids swiping their EBT. You are able to work for your money. No one needs to support you! Get a job. You have no excuse. Learn English if you have to. Learn a skill. Work hard every day. Do more than your employer asks. Try for a raise or promotion rather than just expecting one. If you do not try you will receive nothing. Even eBay is hard work , but it is work. It is a job that pays the bills. If you still have the illusion that you can livea life without work you are mistaken. Look at the country of Greece, they have no more money to give away and spoiled worthless lazy people are rioting in the streets. Get off the couch and find a job!

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