Friday, February 10, 2012


Most people use craigslist for large items but I am terrified of craigslist. There  have been too many horror stories about people getting ripped off or even hurt. With eBay you have a feedback rating system to give you some comfort and peace of mind that the person coming to your home to pick up large items is not an ax murderer. When I get a large item I store it in the garage and let it sit until I get a buyer. You will have many people ask you to ship the item but most people just do not realize the cost of shipping on large items. Politely decline to ship and usually in a couple of months you will get a local buyer. I have had someone drive 100 miles for a bed frame that I was selling. You can sell furniture ,your car , boat , artwork, ect.. Just be patient and do not use auction format. With a limited local customer base an auction will not do well. Set your price and wait. I have also had success with setting a buy it now price that is double what I want with an option to make an offer. People get more excited when they think they are getting a discount.

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