Sunday, February 5, 2012


The obvious answer is to just to browse through each category and look for items that you might have access to. I could tell you what I sell but that would not help you because you do not live where I live. Maybe you live in an area  where there are lots of good garage sales or plenty of resell/thrift stores. Maybe you are able to get donations or buy from local auctions. There might be abandoned storage units for auction or estate sales or you can offer to haul off junk by cleaning garages or attics/basements. You can offer to sell for friends for a fee. There are plenty of options you just need to know what things sell for. Do not look at what people are asking for items but check only the completed auctions. People can ask $1000 for anything. The question is will they ever get it. You need only pay attention to actual sells. On a final note, you can get $10 for almost anything eventually. Try to get lots of items for free or 1-2 dollars and if you sell 3-4 a month for $10 it adds up. This is usually how I experiment with new categories and items I know nothing about.

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  1. Finding what to sell on ebay is quite easy and too when it comes to selling it. Many ebay users buy from other sites like alibaban, amazon, tmart and many others where by they later sale at a higher price. Am amazed by your style of sharing, please keep up. Bravo!